About us

We believe that blockchain and cryptocurrency technology is the future like PC industry in the 1980’s. And we want to be part of this future. 

Our Story

Our company is run by a professional team of talented people. We are focused on hardware for cryptocurrency mining. We are selling Bitmain Antminers and building GPU mining rigs.

It has been almost 2 years since we first time tried and tested cryptocurrency hardware and mining. Our first miner is still working perfectly and let us earn money. In the beginning, we only wanted to earn money on these cryptocurrency trends but after getting some knowledge, we understood that blockchain and cryptocurrency is the future. We believe it’s the way to be free from banking systems and to be independent. Since then our mission was born and we started moving forward to build a strong company.

Now we have more than 100 miners at our self-hosted Data center. We are selling mining products and components, we provide consultations. We built up own mining hostel service for customers. We drastically increase our sales every month and helping blockchain technology to be unstoppable so we all could have more opportunities in near future.